Alcohol and Substance Alternative Program

Team Medford in collaboration with Medford Police are piloting a new substance alternative program. Post Cards were recently sent out to all families with youth in grades 6-12. This post card was sent home to inform families that a) police will be enforcing underage drinking and other substance use in the City of Medford, and b) there is an option for families to send their youth to an educational course if there are concerns with youth substance use.   This program is an early intervention based program for young people to attend in lieu of paying a civil fine for being caught with alcohol or other substances or to voluntarily enroll your child in the program because of concerns you may have. You are to contact Team Medford for more information pertaining to this program 781.393.449 or    If your child screening indicates that he/she may be a risk the family will be recommend to call Institute of Health and Recovery, SAFE project for further evaluation and treatment if needed. FAQ

Important for Parents in Medford

Parents of Middle and High School Students, Team Medford is asking for you immediate support in helping to gather information on substance use in our community. This data is very important as Team Medford is working to identify priorities for prevention work in the coming months and years. Please take this online survey, and once complete send your “Thank you Page” (at the end of survey) to to be entered in a raffle for a $15 gift cards to Bob’s. Use the code for the respective school your child attends: MHS- f8QBHN6J MVOC/Tec- CPcThHaC Andrews- sa9tcgSu McGlynn- Hp6amRCx   Thank you in Advance, Team Medford

Remove Stigma from Substance Use Disorder 

#StimgaPreventsChange The Mystic Valley Public Health Coalition is a group of local substance prevention coalition, including Team Medford, that is funded through the Massachusetts Opiate Abuse Prevention Collaborative Grant, Bureau of Substance Abuse Services, has launched phase II of an ongoing Stigma Campaign. The campaign #StigmaPreventsChange has been running since November of 2015. The overarching goal is to remove the stigma associated with opioid addiction, and to offer encouragement, support and hope so people feel comfortable seeking the help they need and know that recovery is possible. Phase I consisted of two Public Service Announcements being shown at Revere and Woburn Cinemas for a total of 8 weeks, along with social media components and showings of the PSAs at regional and local meetings. The coalition recorded a radio PSA that is currently running on Pandora radio in the region targeting listeners by zip code. The message is that stigma is a barrier to seeking treatment; the community must remove stigma associated with substance use to help create change and improve the health of our community. 2 out of 10 Encouragement Radio Advertisement <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> The goal of Phase II is to inform the community that people recover in different ways. Outdoor media will run on MBTA buses throughout Malden, Medford, Melrose, Stoneham, Reading, Winchester and Wakefield. In addition there will be transit posters on rail platforms in West Medford, Wedgemere, Melrose/Cedar Park, Winchester, Wakefield, and Reading sharing the message “Recovery from Substance Use Disorder has More Than One Path”.  The advertisement will run from May through the end of June. Massachusetts has also taken an official stance against the terrible stigma associated

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Highlights from Supporting State without StigMA Event

Thank you GSA for being  ambassadors in the field of substance use prevention!!! You are leading a culture shift among your peers. Team Medford asks that you continue to be loud and proud, continue to speak about the harms of substance use, but also the HOPE and the help that people struggling with addiction have. Here are highlights from the great projects that were shared the night of the event with the underlying thread of substance use effecting families and communities as a whole. Billboard displayed on 93 with the assistance of Mayor Burke’s Office Success Through Struggle Video Info graphics- Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol and other drug use & coping strategies and alternative activities Newsletter with original poetry from students at Medford High School GSA Newsletter and Resources   Prevention Messages: o   talk to your children early and often about the risks of drug and alcohol use, o   set rules and expectations for the family, o   discuss the pressure that youth  might receive from friends to experiment and how to respond o   and, where appropriate, about family histories of substance use It is also important for parents, community leaders and other adults in the community to know that while any young person can be vulnerable to prescription drug or any other substance misuse, most young people in our community are making good decision about substance use. Please remind family and friends on the importance of not allowing easy access to substances in the home. Always properly secure, monitor, and dispose of prescription medications. Stigma is one of

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